Katrina Moorhouse Nee Pesic

Katrina saw a snap of year 8 trophy winners at the House Carnival 1990 in a recent Facebook post. Well to our surprise Katrina responded  with this wonderful snap.

Felicia & Jason, Class of 2009

Is there something in the water @ Prendiville? Maybe. Felicia (2009) (nee Godber) and Jason Borgomastro (2009) first met at college in 2005. They saw a future together might work and they were right. From the class of 2009 there is 2 other couples who have formed a exactly the same long-term commitments to one another. The water indeed!! 


Heather        Graham, Class of 2013

Heather Graham (2013) takes 3/22 and smashes 33 off 20 balls to guide the state backed Scorchers to victory ........... could this be one more step to national selection?



Dylan Holden, Class of 2018

Dylan Holden (2018) is leaving nothing to chance in his thirst to be the best he can as he strives for perfection in the world of music. Dylan has been a student at UWA in their Conservatory of Music in 2019. He is set to light up a stage close to you soon. 


Class of '17

Listen to the sounds of the class of 2017 in their Cert IV presentation in music. It's stunning!


Class of 1999

42 vibrant Prendivillians of the class of 1999 all rolled up to The Garden Shed (Bar in Leederville) of a night of food, drink and stories from the past in November '19.. Thanks to Melinda Welsh now Angela we could make a great night happen.


Y 11 Careers '19

The 2019 Careers breakfast set a new Alumni landmark ..... 9 Prendivillians returned to assist the year 12's in their plans for the future.


Mr Giannasi, Classes of 1988 and on ...

The man for all ages Gerry Giannasi, realizes a dream in having a headline sculpture aspect to the Science Block depicting his pet love, SPACE.



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