Roy Mellon - Class of 2002

Roy Mellon

CEO of definitiv

Class of 2002 graduate Roy Mellon is the CEO of Technology Company definitiv. Roy made a commitment to Prendiville in accepting the role of patron of The College’s gallery as a way of maintaining his connection to Prendiville, a place he holds fondly in his adolescent memories.

Roy openly admits that his greatest achievements at Prendiville came within the walls and amongst the tools and machinery of the Manual Arts faculty. The hands-on approach, particularly in the area of furniture and design, taught Roy that there was more to school than achieving a passport to university. 

Part way through 2002, his graduating year, Roy was accepted into the Army, Australia’s national forces. Driving tanks was a major part of day-to-day life for Roy through the early 2000’s. An injury during that time became a defining moment for Roy. While the injury to his legs, rendering both feet arthritic, may have stopped him in his tracks, Roy used the handicap as a springboard to launching his life in a new direction.

After the injury, Roy spent time in Pay Corp an arm of The Forces. Knowing that working for himself was the way to getting ahead Roy discharged from The Army and applied skills he had acquired working for major oil and gas companies; and the rest, so they say, is history. Roy started his own technology company in 2009, sold it onto a global provider in 2012 and took on the Managing Director role at the age of 26. 

In 2016 Roy launched definitiv,the company he currently oversees. Roy has won numerous awards for business achievements over the 10 years he has been in business and is particularly proud of about the fact difinitivoversees 140 Australian companies on the platform. 

Oh and let us not forget Roy also met his life partner Laura at Prendiville. Roy and Laura, with their young son are forever finding new places in W.A. and indeed Australia to explore. The balance required in work, family and life in general remain high on Roy’s list of priorities


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