Reunion - Class of 2002

Class of 2009 Reunite For a Night of Fun and Stories

1st June 2019 - Oxford Hotel, Leederville

The first day of winter (June 1st) was dry but that wasn’t the case for the 45 Alumni from the class of 2009. Prendiville was pleased to host a reunion event in the Cellar Room of The Oxford Hotel Leederville to celebrate 10 years they left The College and made their way in the big world.


There were stories a plenty from the group. It’s a group who have kept in contact with one another with relish through the time. There were 3 married couples who formed a part of the celebrations. Obviously the Prendiville Campus held fond memories as a meeting place for those couples.


Prendiville would be pleased to assist year groups to celebrate landmark events since their graduation.


Feel free to contact Alumni Coordinator Chris Greenwood on 9301 6249 he’d be pleased to assist on the College’s behalf.


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